.NET QuickBooks 80040154 Error - 9.21.2012

Found a difficult to find solution on how to fix an 80040154 COM error (HRESULT = 429) with either...
New QBSessionManager() or...
public QBSessionManager QBSessionManager

In Visual Studio 2012 you will see...
It is looking for a component with CLSID 178AACCA-9DCE-42A0-A193-CF4985B930E5 this is NOT CLSID 178AACCA-9DCE-42AO-A193-CF4985B93OE5...the O's should be zeroes.  Don't bother looking it up in the registry.  It is the QBFC11.dll which you have installed with the SDK.  Your installation is fine.
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The ERROR is in the project settings.  Make sure you have targeted x86 ...not "Any Platform" or x64.

...once you change this to x86 and recompile the project/solution you will be able to successfully instantiate a QBSessionManager.