Quickbooks SessionManager BeginSession Error - C# and VB.NET 9.21.2012

QuickBooks SDK (Local or Server) - Cannot Create QBXMLRP2 COM component
This does NOT apply to the QBOE (Online Edition).
This happens in C# and VB.NET when using OpenConnection or OpenConnection2 example... qbSessionManager.OpenConnection("", "IDN Item Inventory Modify Sample - QBFC")

  1. You MUST install the RDS client.
  2. You DON'T have to have the RDS server installed on a test server to step past the OpenConnection or OpenConnection2 call.
To download the client click here.  For the QuickBooks Support page for RDS as of 9.21.2012.  The clientserver and QuickBooks RDS guide downloads are there as well.
NOTE:  If you have accidentally uninstalled the QuickBooks RDS client you will get the below...just reinstall. -2147220472 (80040408) error... Error in OpenConnectionBeginSession Could not start QuickBooks.