3180 Errors Quickbooks QBSDK and/or QBFC .NET Integration

The key to getting better error messages when integrating with QuickBooks using vb.net or C# is outputing xml to string.

In the WalkXxxxxXxxxxAddRs examples (e.g. WalkItemInventoryAddRs) provided by Intuit here.  Insert a line of code like...
Dim tmpString As String = responseMsgSet.ToXMLString

The IMsgSetResponse interface supports the .ToXMLString() function.  You can easily add a watch which will give you more detail than just the error code.  The error codes are time consuming to look up and they don't give you very good detail.Skittles Original Fruit Candy, 41-oz. (Google Affiliate Ad)

Example output of the xml to string...which actually gives you much better detail vs. the error code only.


The offending line of code...
ItemInventoryAddRequest.AssetAccountRef.FullName.SetValue("Item Asset Account")

The information is invaluable for the 3180 errors which really don't tell you anything in the SDK manual.  You really need the error transmitted within the QBXML return response in order to decipher your problem.  List of error codes at Intuit...here.