How do I list a business in Bing?

It is actually quite easy to list a business in Bing.  Currently the site is a beta site but is up and fully functional.
Bing Business Beta

You will need a few items of information.
1.  A logo.
2.  A valid business address.
3.  A phone number (800 NOT required).
4.  An email address.

Recommended information items.
1.  Pictures of your business (less than 1 MByte).
2.  A couple of "deals" you are currently running.
3.  An idea of the type or category of business you are listing.

It has a lot more information that you can post about the business but it does not work quite as well as Places but I think once it is released to the public it will be much more robust.  They are tying in ads, let you print a "Bing" QR code for your listing, and the interface is very easy to use.