PosX driver for Monsoon Works

If your pick tickets for Monsoon are printing too long...

...you need to get an older posx driver.  The current drivers on the posx site make the ticket quite long (the actual 297mm that they are supposed to be).  This fixed a bug in the old driver.

If you don't want to waste paper you need to use a driver that is marked 3.5.1 (yes I know that is a higher number than the current one on the posx site).  I have zipped and put the Vendor Thermal Printer driver here.  Newer drivers show up as "Pos-X Printer", etc.  This one will show up as "VENDOR THERMAL PRINTER".

*NOTE: Make sure you uninstall the driver that is NOT working through the control panel.  Do NOT just delete the printer as that will not uninstall the driver.