Create a Facebook Store

With Facebook Home being released to the general public April 12th, 2013 I thought it was time to look at e-commerce/store options for Facebook again.

1.  Sell products through Facebook.

Why has this become compelling ...again?
When I initially looked into selling through Facebook it was because we had exhausted our traditional markets.  In short my current client (Big River Books) sells used books on Amazon, Ebay, etc.  They have been very successful over the last couple of years in saturating their respective markets.  They currently sell on all significant third party websites with the aid of various software packages.  We had initially examined Facebook as a way to build brand awareness and also to sell without having to go the traditional e-commerce route.  After initially analyzing effort, cost, and generated value the project was shelved.  Facebook has not traditionally provided a rich environment for selling.

...introducing Home.  Facebook recently announced their plan for taking over the initial user interface of Android phones.  What does this mean?  Basically it means that Facebook apps themselves will be the "first view" apps for users that have Facebook Home installed and running.  Time to look at native Facebook apps again.

1.  Payvment...purchased by Intuit and shelved.  I assume Intuit is going to build this functionality into their Quickbooks offering.  This is awesome!! ...except that there is no timetable and no official announcement.
2.  Ecwid is/was the major competitor for Payvment.  ...so Ecwid it is.

I am not going to detail Ecwid's store plans or pricing here.  Go to their website.  I don't get referrals, etc. from them.  They are simply who I am looking at using.  Why?
1.  Robust API.
2.  Payvment is referring all of their current customers there.

Update 4.17.2013:  Just linked up Authorize.NET for credit card payment.  Simple and straight forward.  Just need 2 keys and an MD5 hash.