Host nopCommerce 3.0 on Azure

It's very simple now.
1.  Go to Azure Manager (https://manage.windowsazure.com)
2.  Choose "Websites" on the left hand menu
3.  Choose "Create a website" (middle of the screen) ...or if you already have one...then little "+" icon at the bottom of the screen to add a new website.
4.  Change "Quick Create" to "From Gallery" ...the choices should pop up and already be selected (Compute > Website > Quick Create).
5.  "Find Apps for Windows Azure" will come up.
6.  Choose "ECOMMERCE" on the left hand menu.
7.  Choose nopCommerce on the list (4th down from the top at the time of this writing).
8.  Click the "->" arrow at the bottom of the page.
9.  Choose your url...Entering SomeUrl....will create SomeUrl.azurewebsites.net
10.  Create your database...

  • NOTE: Check to make sure that you create your database in the "closest physical location" or ping/tracert your ISP so that you know where you are coming out at.  i.e. We are in the Atlanta geographical area and I am using Comcast as primary business trunk and BellSouth as the secondary business trunk.  So I chose "South Central US" which maps to San Antonio, TX.  List of data location mappings for Azure.
  • NOTE: Make sure NOT to make your database login and your database server login the same username and password or it will error and you will have to start over.

11.  Choose the "check mark" (sorry no check mark on my keyboard) at the bottom of the page.  It took about 5 minutes for my website to go live.
nopCommerce 3.0 in Azure Apps Gallery for Websites