Move a database in Azure.

I had a problem when I created an nopCommerce website in Azure.  I didn't pay attention and took the default "Western Europe" geographical location.  Needed to move the website and the database to the same geographical location of East US.
Here is how I did the database move.

 I just moved db files from South Central US to East US.  Performance seems to be a little better.
*NOTE:  When I create a new database instance in the new geographical location it only gave me the option of 1GB or 5GB web server database.  The option for a 20MB web server database IS NOT available if you follow these directions.

In Azure manager...
1.  Export database to new location (will ask you to create "Storage")...basically an account to hold a blob.
2.  Import that database into a new database instance in the NEW geographical location. *NOTE: DO NOT DELETE THE OLD ONE YET!!
3.  Change the Settings.txt file (change the database connection string).  You should download a local copy and change it...keeping your old one.  You will have to change the a) data source to reflect the new server, b) the initial catalog to the new instance name (its the name that shows up in the list of Sql Databases in Azure Manager) c) In the User ID you will have to change everything after the @ symbol to the new server name (if you used the same sql server login name)...should look like sqlserverloginname@servername
4.  Login to nopCommerce as your administrator account > add some item to your cart (quick test to see which db instance is alive).
5.  Click Administration at the top of the screen (leave this browser window open)
6.  Upload the new Settings.txt file to the site\wwwroot\App_Data directory.
7.  In the upper right hand corner there is "Restart Application".
8.  ...wait.
9.  After nopCommerce comes back up go to Administration > Sales > Current Shopping Carts...look to see if the item you added is actually in the shopping cart.  If this doesn't satisfy you that you have switched...
10.  Delete the old database instance.
...this has been successfully moved to the East US now (same geographical location as my website).