Screen locked up on Lumia 928 and Lumia 920.

I have been having an issue with my screen locking up on my Lumia 928.  I have friends that the same thing happens too.  It seems particularly bad when it is hot out and I am keeping the screen facing my leg inside of my front pants pocket.  Part of the issue may also be that I have "double tap" to wake turned on since Windows Phone 8 GDR2 was released.

Although this is not a big issue once you know how to resolve it...it can cause a little bit of panic when it first happens.

"Is my brand new Lumia 928 screen broken...?!" 
The short answer is ...no.  Your phone is generally fine and you can go about your business after you do a soft reboot of your Windows 8 Phone.  Remember...do NOT do a HARD reset.  Only a soft reset is required.