PS4 broken? ...how do I fix my PS4?

NOTE:  Do this at your own risk!!  ONLY Sony is authorized to fix your PS4.
...that being said these are the "helps"/faqs that I have found floating around today.

Video on the main cause of the issues being reported.

1.  Return it to your store if there are additional units available (yeah right!)
2.  Call Sony Customer service and they will work you through trouble shooting.
3.  ...finally ask Sony for a mailer to send your broken PS4 back into them to be fixed.
Good luck.
...some on reddit.com have also suggested trying this.  I do NOT.  I would return it to Sony first!
Try this fix from /u/xJumPeR , found on this post:
1.You have to unplug your HDD
2.Boot the Console without HDD and it will load Safe Mode (white lightbar) and asks for a HDD
3.Turn off, plug in the HDD again and boot the Console again.
4.PS4 will boot into Safe Mode again and you can recover now the necessary OS Data, PS4 will start again and will boot into OS again.

...another reddit thread on the PS4 issue.

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