Url Rewrite in Orchard CMS

If you are using the baseline url i.e. mydomain.com people will type in both www.mydomain.com and mydomain.com.  Either is perfectly acceptable except to search engines.  If people are coming in on mydomain.com you need to do a permanent redirect to www.mydomain.com or vice versa so that search engines only see one version of your url.

...the above may not matter anymore but it is better form.

Problem:  I downloaded the Orchard Module LuDC.CKEditor, by LuDC, which is a branch of the original editor conversion/install written by usagi.  The editor is awesome!!  I was having issues though picking from the Orchard Media Gallery (images that I had uploaded).  We were seeing an odd occurrence...when the CKEditor Orchard button was clicked you had to sign into Orchard again and it looked more like the Media Gallery itself.  There was no place to "Select" the image that we wanted.  It seemed to randomly work and not work.
Solution:  We had put our "Base Url" for our site in as "http://mydomain.com" when we were accessing it as both "http://www.mydomain.com" and "http://mydomain.com".  Orchard handled either fine but CKEditor did not like it.  Accessing URL Rewrite rules in IIS 8.0 on our discountasp.net account (you have to set up IIS Manager) you can set up a Canonical Host Name Rule that redirects all of your traffic to either mydomain.com or www.mydomain.com.  I verified, through Fiddler, that it was indeed redirecting using SEO friendly 301 redirects...back to mydomain.com.  We wanted to drop the www altogether.