nopCommerce 3.50 How can a sales person enter an order in Administration?

Simple use case:
Sales person (or CSR) needs to enter an order for a customer through the "Administration" section of nopCommerce.

Basically you need to "impersonate" that user.

1.  Login with an account that has Administration access.
2.  Go to Administration -> Configuration -> Access Control List ...choose a Role that the sales people will use.  I created a separate role for Sales.  I will have another role for CSRs (Customer Service Representatives) and the two of them will need different ACLs.  We may also want to modify code to be able to assign ACLs to specific Customers so that only specific sales people can access specific customers.
3.  Assign that Role "Access admin area", "Admin area. Manage Customers" and "Admin area. Allow Customer Impersonation".  Unfortunately, for now you have to have access to the full Customers module.
4.  To verify: Login as the user that you just assigned the Role to.
At a minimum you should see...
...to verify access to the Customer Management Role.
5.  Click on Customers -> Customers and choose "Edit" next to the customer on the list that you would like to enter an order for.
6.  Click the tab "Place order (Impersonate)". 
7.  Click "Place Order" button and follow the directions.