nopCommerce 3.50 Order Status Guide

The order status in nopCommerce 3.50 is broken down into 3 separate categories...

  1. Order Status
  2. Payment Status
  3. Shipping Status
Order Status has 3 different sub status...
  1. Pending
  2. Processing
  3. Completed
  4. Cancelled
...these status are found in Order.OrderStatusId

Payment Status has 2 different sub status...
  1. Pending
  2. Paid
...these status are found in Order.PaymentStatusId...there may be more status based upon the payment plugin used.  These status are from the "Purchase Order" payment plugin (included in the core nopCommerce installation).

Shipping Status has 3 different sub status...
  1. (No Shipping Required)...digital downloads, etc.  Not applicable to physical products.
  2. Not Yet Shipped ("No shipment created" or "Shipment created but not yet shipped")
  3. Shipped
...these status are found in Order.ShippingStatusId.  The zero -> many key is found in the Shipment table and tied together with the Shipment.OrderId column.