Gap in SQL Server Azure int identity column

Running MVC 5, nopCommerce 3.50 on SQL Azure.  We started seeing gaps of ~1000 in order ids and customer ids...

It looks like this is something that was introduced in SQL 2012 to cache blocks of 1000.  There are ways to fix it if you are running in SQL Server 2012...the most brute force being DBCC CHECKIDENT RESEED.  You can also change the startup options in SQL 2012 not to cache id blocks but it will decrease performance.  Unfortunately neither of these solutions is supported in SQL Azure yet.

How do I fix this.  Currently you can't.  Azure does rolling upgrades at the least so if your database is stable and you are not manually resetting your worker threads (yes this can cause a gap).  So if your Customer IDs and your Order IDs start showing gaps this is why.  Currently (7/10/2015) there is not a way to change this like there is in SQL 2012 (start up options or brute forcing through DBCC CHECKIDENT RESEED).

You can modify your get/set code to manually handle it through a stored proc. but this has other implications that I won't go into right now.  Basically locking issues that can cause issues on high volumn sites.