Lumia 928 StraightTalk vs. Verizon Save Money

Let me start by saying I really love my Lumia 928 Windows Phone. My wife has a Lumia Icon. We had 3 Windows phones on Verizon and our bill was in the $270 range each month. It had started at ~$240 but as we added more data it grew. I was looking at Clark Howard's recommendations on how to save money on our cell phone bills and found that StraightTalk (Walmart) might be an option. I couldn't find many articles on running Windows phones on StraightTalk. StraightTalk does not directly sell Windows phones but I thought that since the SIM was changeable in the 928 and the Icon we would give it a try. We purchased the StraightTalk kit from our local WalMart for each phone and began the sign up process. There was no funky setup like I have seen described elsewhere on the internet it was great...but long. The directions inside the packet don't work correctly. You will have to call Customer Service for StraightTalk and it will take between 1.5-3 hours on the phone (seriously!?!). Eventually it was done though. Our service with StraightTalk has been just as good as it was with Verizon. We are now saving $135 per month!! This is HUGE!