Baker and Taylor Content Cafe call sample code...

To make a single call to Baker and Taylor Content Cafe using a 13 digit ISBN.

Both below are assigned to you when you register with Baker and Taylor.  This is a paid service like Bowker.  I included them is "settings" to obfuscate for the purpose of this code block.

BakerTaylor.ContentCafeSoapClient btClient = new BakerTaylor.ContentCafeSoapClient("ContentCafeSoap");
BakerTaylor.ContentCafeXML xmlResponse = btClient.Single(Properties.Settings.Default.ContentCafeUserID,
                Properties.Settings.Default.ContentCafepassword, "9780395137192", "ProductDetail");

This is where you have named the Service Reference "BakerTaylor".  "ProductDetail" returns the detailed description of the book, cd, dvd, etc.  There are also Annotations and Images available.  Private message me if you need help with that code or leave a comment on this blog.