nopCommerce reCaptcha Captcha doesn't work

If you have enabled Captcha (google reCaptcha beta) and all of a sudden you can't login to the site as the is how you fix it.

1.  Connect to the database.
2.  Run this in sql...(unformatted so that you can easily copy and paste).
SELECT     TOP (20) Id, Name, Value
FROM         Setting
WHERE     (Name LIKE '%captcha%')
3. "Turn off" one of the following settings...
  a, captchasettings.enabled
  b. captchasettings.showonloginpage turn it off.
Update Setting
Set Value = 'False'
where Name = 'captchasettings.enabled'

4.  Recycle the web application.
5.  Go to google reCaptcha site and sign up.
  a.  The nopCommerce public key = google reCaptcha Site Key
  b.  The nopCommerce private key = google reCaptcha Secret Key