Azure SSL certificate Error in confirmation

As of 3.24.2017...
If you are getting to the second step of the confirmation process of an SSL key that is generated through the Azure interface you have 1 of 3 options.

  1. Domain verification (default)
  2. Email
  3. Manual
Option 1 was not an option for me.  There wasn't good documentation and I have the url registered with a 3rd party registrar that is not Azure and is not GoDaddy.  

Option 2  I accidentally changed the drop down to option #2 ...and this eventually worked.  More on that later.

Option 3  In the picture below you can see that I set up the TXT reference in DNS correctly.  You will have to take my word for the value being correct because I can't get back to the screen now that the key has been verified.  As you can see I set it both for the root and the www path per Microsoft's instructions.

...neither worked.  In fact when you hit the "refresh" button after the recommended 5-10 minutes the web window just crashes/closes.  I purchased base level support ($30 a month) and filed a tech support ticket.  Got a call back after about 2 hours, which was pretty fast, but the tech could not understand what I was asking.  Unfortunately you can only upload one image with the support ticket. SSL certificate generation does not yet seem fleshed out or it has not reached general support yet.  The tech said that he would have to escalate the issue to a higher engineer level.

In conclusion,  I had remembered seeing the list of emails that the "confirmation" email was sent to when I accidentally selected "Option #2" of the emails was an actual email that came from the DNS entry because it isn't private.  I had the person dig around in their email and eventually came up with it.  The email comes from Godaddy and Secure Certificate Services (no we do NOT have this url registered with is through Netwisp...which may resell Godaddy DNS but I don't believe so).

Use Option #2 Email...make sure that your email addresses on DNS actually are someplace retrievable.  It's a simple link that you click and choose "Approve".  Wait about 10 minutes, log back into the Azure portal and you should see that it is confirmed.  I hope that Microsoft fixes Options #1 (not sure if it's broken) and #3 (yes it's broken).

Option #3 returns an error in the "App Service Certificates" Activity Log (CertificateResellerWebService_NOT_FOUND_TOKEN) like...