Reseed Identity Columns in SQL Azure - DBCC CHECKIDENT ...updated

Recently working on another nopCommerce installation for Big River Books I had an opportunity to try using DBCC CHECKIDENT again on Azure.  The last installation I did, and resulting article, I could not use DBCC CHECKIDENT because it wasn't available on Azure.

It now is ...but with a caveat.

You can find the Microsoft documentation on MSDN for DBCC CHECKIDENT in the link provided but if you try it without a default you will not actually reseed at the lowest value when using the RESEED option.

You need to EXPLICITLY tell it the reseed value you would like to use.  Example that works to reset the SpecificationAttribute table to start at 1.

DBCC CHECKIDENT ([SpecificationAttribute], RESEED, 0) ...works

DBCC CHECKIDENT ([SpecificationAttribute], RESEED) ...does NOT work

...the reason that I used the [SpecificationAttribute] table is that it is already at 4 and 5 will be your first entry for id if you have taken the standard installation from nop.

...good luck and ping me if you have any questions.  I generally answer questions posted to this blog within a week.