Bulk Image Upload nopCommerce

Verified works in all 3.x versions...

1. Create record in table [Picture]
2. Create record in table [Product_Picture_Mapping]
3. Format picture filenames as 0000001_0.jpg where leading 0's are padding (up to 6 padding) and the [Picture.Id] then _0.jpg.  The _x holds the size for thumbnails in the /Content/Images/Thumbs/ directory.  e.g. An image with Picture.Id of 21 that has been resized to 100 pixels (in Administration > Settings > Media Settings (Advanced) > Product thumbnail image size = 100).
4. Bulk upload images to /Content/Images

NOTE: Thumbnails to NOT have to be preloaded into /Content/Images/Thumbs/ because nopCommerce will check to see if the thumbnail exists and if it doesn't it will call